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Wykorzystanie algorytmów w zakładach bukmacherskich

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AI Bet is a tool that is designed to assist sports betting. Action AI Bet is based on an advanced algorithm that is based on neural networks, genetic algorithms and statistics. In Our offer we rate the chances of fulfillment of the events in more than 300 sports leagues. Our system select matches that are worth to bet. They are located in the section Tips as well as in every match is to determine the Bet money

Last recommended tips

Data Wynik Mecz AI Bet
25.06.2017 20:40 -:- baseball San Diego Padres - Detroit Tigers
99% Gospodarze Bet money 2,03
1% Goście
Powyżej/Poniżej 7.5 punktów
74% Poniżej 7.5
26% Powyżej 7.5
25.06.2017 20:10 -:- baseball Seattle Mariners - Houston Astros
75% Gospodarze Bet money 1,89
25% Goście
25.06.2017 19:00 0:2 soccer U. Sucre - Bolivar
[0:2] Bolivia Liga de Futbol Prof
73% Gospodarze Bet money 4,00 Bad
7% Remis
21% Goście
60% Poniżej 2.5
40% Powyżej 2.5
Obie drużyny strzelą bramkę
- Tak
- Nie
Powyżej/Poniżej w pierwszej połowie
7% Poniżej 0.5
93% Powyżej 0.5

Last days profit


Most corner kicks in 2016
31/03/2017 - Sebastian Ostrowski

If you were wondering which teams statistically have the most corner kicks - then below you have the answers. We collected the statistics for the various teams in 2016 and present them n 4 different tables - matches playes at home or away, quantity corner kicks per team and sum of corner kicks for two teamts played in match.

Recommended bets on AI Bet
01/02/2017 - Sebastian Ostrowski

Recently, together with a team of AI Bet we conducted tests on increasing the profit from betting based on forecasts our neural network. The effectiveness of the algorithm always fluctuated around 60-70% but does not generate a monthly profit. So we change the mechanism of selection matches to bet - we divided into 3 phases. On 20/01/2017 we introduced a new mechanism for selection of bets. The following shortcut.


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