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Recommended bets on AI Bet

Recently, together with a team of AI Bet we conducted tests on increasing the profit from betting based on forecasts our neural network. The effectiveness of the algorithm always fluctuated around 60-70% but does not generate a monthly profit. So we change the mechanism of selection matches to bet - we divided into 3 phases. On 20/01/2017 we introduced a new mechanism for selection of bets. The following shortcut.

1. Forecasting opportunities betting

The mechanism which is the heart of the algorithm AI Bet, predicts the percentage chance of winning bets - it is working so many years now. They were introduced only slight cosmetic changes. Problem is the same percentages do not give a chance for profit - too often bet with a forecast of more than 90% and the odd rate to 1.20 losing (especially basketball).

2. A range of forecasts for the recommended to play

Once in 2016, we tried to make something similar, we calculated percent chances of match with its odd for every bet. The obtained value checked whether it is profitable enough to be worth a play, the idea was good, but the limit on what we were trying to play matches was adjusted manually - now we wrote genetic algorithm which choose matches to bet.

3. Human factor

Often you ask us questions, that if you play bets recommended by AI Bet quickly achieve some profits. We try then explain that our algotym is to assist the selection of matches to play and the choice of the system depends on the user. In this phase, having already rates the chances of bets and an indication by AI Bet recommended matches the player decides. We can only suggest you sholud try to play the system 4 of 5 and the average odds of 2.5.

01/02/2017 - Sebastian Ostrowski


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