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The use of algorithms in betting

About Us

AI Bet is a tool that is designed to assist sports betting. Action AI Bet is based on an advanced algorithm that is based on neural networks, genetic algorithms and statistics. In Our offer we rate the chances of fulfillment of the events in more than 300 sports leagues. Our system select matches that are worth to bet. They are located in the section Tips as well as in every match is to determine the Bet money

Last recommended tips

Date Result Match AI Bet
22.03.2019 02:40 -:- basketball Wofford - Seton Hall
96% Home team Bet money 1.63
4% Away team
21.03.2019 02:10 74:65 basketball Arizona State - St. John's (N.Y.)
[38:25, 36:40] USA NCAA
90% Home team Bet money 1.72 Good
10% Away team
19.03.2019 11:30 92:86 basketball Anyang - Seoul Knights
[15:27, 24:25, 29:20, 24:14] South Korea KBL
86% Home team Bet money 2.30 Good
14% Away team

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